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This is the default dialog which is useful for displaying information. The dialog window can be moved, resized and closed with the 'x' icon.

  1. Vote for a name already entered, or
  2. Enter a new name
  3. Set your name confidence factor
  4. If requested, answer a secret question
  5. Click the Save button

School Photograph Help

The purpose of this page is to allow you to browse the school photograph taken in May 1963 for names that may have been added, and to add names yourself. So if you were in the middle or senior school in that year you are likely in this photograph. You will see an individual's name if one or more has been entered. You can also assign a name to an individual. When you select or enter a name you also provide a confidence factor to indicate your confidence that the name is right.

How It Works

Because of the width of the original photograph it as been split in to 4 sections. The arrows allow you to move between them. If you hover the mouse over a person's face a pop-up will appear showing any name(s) assigned to them, and a larger thumbnail will appear above the photo. To assign a name click on the person's face. A dialog will appear allowing you to vote for any names already suggested for the individual, or add a different name. Up to 4 names can be suggested for each person. You will be able to change the details of a name if you added it, and the record is not locked. However, you can change your vote as many times as you wish, unless the person's names have been locked. The administrator may lock a person's record, meaning that voting is no longer allowed. This can happen when the name of a person is definitely known.


  • Do not worry about exact spelling or incomplete names. Enter what you know, but last name is required.
  • Do not enter an alternate name if the only difference with a name already there is spelling or completeness (see below).
  • You will not be able to change a name once it is entered.
  • If there is a name which does not include a first name, or nickname/subject, and 4 names have not already been added, enter a new name with the same exact last name, but fill in the first and/or nickname/subject fields. Not only will this enter a more complete name, but it will update the other names that were missing those fields. But this method someone can enter just a last name because they do not know the other two fields, but you do, so you can add it/them for you and everyone.

Stratton School, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, England

Use this dialog to vote for a previously suggested name which is you think is most correct, or enter a new one. A last name is the minimum required. Each person can have up to 4 suggested names. You must also select a confidence factor for how confident you are that the name you have entered or selected is corrent. 100% is certain, and 10% is very uncertain. When confidence factors are displayed elsewhere, other than in the name you have selected or are entering, it displays the average of all the confidence factors entered in votes for that person.

If you have previously voted for this person you current vote can be changed to another previously suggested name, or, if there are not already 4 suggested names, the you can suggest a new one.

You will not be able to change names entered by others. However, if there is a lastname without a first name, nickname/subject or both, you can influence such entries. If you have provided a name then make the last name of your entry the same as the one just mentioned, adding entries for either or both of the other 2 fields. When you save your changes, the entry by others with the same last name and missing fields will be updated. If you have not entered a name for this person, and there are not 4 already, then add a name with the same lastname as the one with fields missing and include either or both in your entry. The other entry/entries will be updated.

If you have voted for this person and want to delete your vote, click the "Delete My Vote" box.

You can use the optional comments box to include information about the individual. Comments will not be attributed to their author and require authorization by the administrator before they will display on the View Comments box. Comments can only been viewed by contributors to the naming system. Avoid personal and confidential information. Derogatory, vulgar or negative comments will NOT be approved!

We only want bone fide Strattonians to enter names. To help with this you are required to answer one of a number of questions only Strattonians would know the answers to. If you answer incorrectly you can try another question, but the one you answered incorrectly will no longer be available. If you answer all incorrectly you will not be able to try again for 24 hours. You can have the site save your correct answer by checking the adjacent box. You will not have to answer a question again for 30 days.

When the site administrator determines that a correct name has been enter the record may be locked. In that case you will be able to view the names and votes but not make any changes.

This page is only available on tablets, laptops or desktop computer due to the screen size required to provide adequate functionality.

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