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During my 70+ years I have made a number of friends, but sadly have lost touch with many of them.  So I have created this page to see if I can re-establish contact.  For each of the various phases of my life I have listed names of people I remember.  If you think you recognize your name in the lists, or your picture in the photographs, I would be delighted to hear from you.

~1950-1955 Hawley, Surrey, UK. Martin Renouf and Adrian Wright.

Martin Renouf

1955-1966 College of Aeronautics, Cranfield, Bedfordshire. Tony Sills, Barry Russell, Barry Thompson, Caroline Russell, Sandra Jupp, Tony Stanton, Colin Boyd, David Bedingfield, David Carton, and Dennis Dickinson.

1964 Bangalore, India. Jennifer Dillon(?), Roy Matthews

Jennifer Dillon(?)

Roy Matthews 3rd from right


Some friends of Colin

1966-1969 Leicester College of Art and Technology, Leicester. Chris Thody, David Barton, Ralph Harding, and Thomas Cartwright.

Chris Thody, Dave Barton, Ralph Harding, Tony, Mike, John, Brian, Tom Cartwright

If you think you are one of these then fill out the Contact Me form, providing some proof, and I will contact you.

Colin Stearman

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